At Dee Tree Surgery we provide a specialist Tree Pruning Chester service. If your plants and trees in and around garden have grown uncontrollably, or you just want to improve the overall appearance, contact us today on 01244 318 631.

We offer Tree Pruning services in Chester and Wirral, to ensure your garden’s will be maintained to a high standard. There are many benefits to hiring an expert to prune your trees, not only can this improve a trees health but also increase growth in areas of damage.


Why Tree Pruning Chester Is Necessary?

There are a lot of advantages of pruning trees. From tree health related issues, to maximise the aesthetic appeal of your trees. A few examples:

  • Tree Health – Your tree can grow in ways that can be beneficial for you and your tree. Pruning a tree can influence how a tree is shaped, and the way it grows. We offer structural pruning services, to ensure your tree grows in a more ideal structure. Structural Tree Pruning can help resemble a tree in a natural forested landscape.
  • Safety – Pruning your tree to ensure that the structure around of your tree is firm and minimise the chances of your tree collapsing.
  • Appearance – If you are someone who cares about the appearance of your garden or open space, tree pruning can improve the look and appearance.
  • Light – Pruning a tree will increase the light and sun exposure, it will also improve the view from your property.
  • Mature Tree Pruning – For older trees, pruning can be carried out for corrective measures. The older the tree, the more likely it is for there to be an issue with dead or diseased limbs.


When Is The Best Time For Tree Pruning?

Different plants groups require pruning at different times of year. For dead wood, you should call our Tree Pruning Chester Service team as soon as possible. For the preventative pruning of a younger tree, the best time to start pruning should be late in the winter. We recommend you call our team for more information 01244 318 631, we’re always happy to provide advice and assistance.

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