Our team at Dee Tree Surgery are qualified tree surgeons and can carry out the felling process throughout Chester, Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales. Tree felling is a serious task and should be completed by professionals.
We have years of experience with tree felling Chester and provide a full service. This involves a comprehensive survey of the site to establish the correct method to fell the tree. This also ensures the process is carried out safely and any damage to the surrounding area can be avoided.


What Is Tree Felling &  Why Is It Necessary?

Tree felling is the process of cutting down trees if the tree no longer manageable.
The first idea would often be tree pruning rather than felling the tree, there is a possibility your tree could be saved this way. However, if a tree has suffered damage from a storm or strong winds, this could become a safety issue and the tree would need to be felled.
Another reason for tree felling Chester would be if the tree is diseased. A diseased tree could cause many issues, leading to spoiling soil with bacteria which could discourage growth for future trees.
Trees situated closely to a property can also result in the removal of a tree. Roots can cause problems with the foundations of your building/house and tree felling would be the only option to prevent subsidence.


The Tree Felling Process: How It Works

After the site survey and finding the best method to carry out the Tree Felling Service Chester, our specialist will then proceed to the cutting of the trees. Our trained tree surgeon will cut it down to ground level, by using specialist techniques.
Depending on the space in the area and providing there are no hazards in the proximity, the tree can be felled straight down. If the tree is located in a confined space, the tree would need to be section felled. This means that our specialists will start from the top and cut down sections of the tree.


What If A Tree Is Protected By A Tree Preservation Order?

If you live in a conservation area or a tree is protected by a tree preservation order, you would need to apply for permission from your local authority to have the tree removed.

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Dee Tree Surgery is located in Cheshire and provide Tree Felling Services throughout Chester, Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales. We also offer other services related to tree felling, such as; Tree Pruning, Hedge Cutting, Stump Grinding, Site Clearance and Dead Wooding.

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