At Dee Tree Surgery we provide a stump grinding Chester service, we also cater for Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales. Stump grinding often takes place after a tree has been felled, to remove the ground level stump. Do you have any stumps in your garden that are getting in the way? Have you had a tree removed but have been left with tree stumps in an area that you want to use? We offer a quick and affordable service that will remove the stump to below ground level and give you that ground back.

Stumps can be left unattended but there is the possibility of problems in the future, leading to root diseases and fungi. Eventually the stump of the tree should remove itself naturally, however this would take quite some time. If you want to remove an unsightly tree stump quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption, we recommend you contact us at Dee Tree Surgery. We offer Stump Grinding services in Chester and surrounding areas such as Wirral, to ensure your open space is stump free and ready to be landscaped. Whether you have one stump or a number of stumps we have the machine to deliver an efficient service.

Our Stump Grinding Service

Stump grinding is the process which removes the stump from the ground by using a specific grinding machine. It is a much more effective and safer alternative to using a chainsaw. The tree stump is quickly grinded into small woodchips until it is at the depth required, or completely removed. At Dee Tree Surgery, we have high tech equipment suitable for a job of any size. The process of Stump grinding is quick, efficient and will be carried out by one of our professional Stump Grinders Chester and Wirral. No matter the size of the stump, or the location of the stump; with our machinery we can reach even the most awkwardly situated stumps.

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Dee Tree Surgery is located in Cheshire, we provide stump grinding services in Chester, Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales. We also offer many other services related to stump grinding, such as; Tree Pruning, Hedge Cutting, Tree Felling, Site Clearance and Dead Wooding.

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