Hedges are often preferred to walls as they tend to form a natural boundary and can stylistically complement the exterior of your house, compared to walls and other artificial boundaries. However, maintaining your hedges can take up quite some time and will require more frequent maintenance. That is why you should hire Dee Tree Surgery to carry out hedge cutting for you. We are based in Chester, we also serve the Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales, we specialise is all aspects of hedge trimming and removal.

We cater to your requirements, from a more regular trimming and shaping to a reduction in height or size. Depending on the hedges and your requirements, we usually recommend this is carried out between one and three times per year.

Formal Hedges

Crisp, sharp edges and geometrically perfect: formal hedges are often very tightly clipped and can be pruned into shapes that would require regular maintenance. These hedges need to be shaped/trimmed quite often, to ensure the desired shape is consistent. An example of a popular hedging plant is common Box, (Buxus Sempervirens). This type of plant is easy to manipulate into different shapes and grows very slowly, which means that hedge cutting Chester can be carried out less frequently. These can be trimmed throughout the summer, from June to September.

Informal Hedges

A more suitable and simple hedge type that doesn’t require as much maintenance. A very popular hedge plant for more informal hedges, is Privet (Ligustrum Ovalforium). This is a plant that grows up to 40 centimetres a year and only needs to be cut once or twice a year. It grows evenly and straight, which makes it an unsuitable formal hedge plant. These can also be trimmed in the summer, from June to September.

Hedge Trimming Service

We have a team of experienced hedge trimmers and are happy to quote for your requirements. We use specialist tools to achieve only the best results and encourage healthy new growth.
Whether you have determined what plant your hedge is, or if you would prefer us to determine this for you, request one of our specialists at Dee Tree Surgery for hedge cutting Chester.

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From trimming informal hedges, to shaping formal hedging and removing the waste afterwards, at Dee Tree Surgery we provide the best Hedge Cutting Chester service, we also cater for Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales. Are you interested in our Hedge Trimming Service? We can help you with any questions you might have. Call Dee Surgery today for more information.

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