It is important to remove dead wood from trees as this can develop into tree decay over time. Dead wood refers to parts of a tree such as; branches and limbs which are dead. This can be caused because of disease, lack of sunlight or wind damage.

Dead wood can be incredibly dangerous, it can lead to branches breaking off and falling at any time. There is a clear safety issue when it comes to deadwood, you should contact us at Dee Tree Surgery to book your full assessment. We provide a dead wood Chester service and will remove any dead or dying branches, resulting in a healthier and safer tree.

Our service can also improve the aesthetic appearance of your tree and ensure it is less susceptible to strong winds. If left untreated dead wood can attract pests and often carries many diseases and infections, which in turn can lead to diseases spreading to the rest of your tree.

Dead Wooding: Technique We Use

Dead Wooding is mostly carried out by pruning the tree. An extensive assessment is arranged by one of our dead wood specialists Chester, here we can determine which branches need to be removed and to what extent. Pruning can also be useful as a preventative measure, to remove any dying limbs or branches. This could prolong the life of your tree and ensure that disease doesn’t spread.

Crown reduction may also be necessary and would be carried out during the pruning process. This is the removal of any branch tips, crossing branches to reduce the weight at the top of the tree and the stress on individual branches.

Dee Tree Surgery Dead Wooding Chester

At Dee Tree Surgery we provide a complete dead wooding Chester service. We are based in Cheshire but also service Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales for dead wooding. We can service residential, commercial and local authorities. Contact us today on 01244 318 631 for more information, or to arrange for one of our experts to carry out an assessment.

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We also offer other various services related to dead wooding, such as; Tree Pruning, Hedge Cutting, Tree Felling, Site Clearance and Stump Grinding. Call us today for more information.

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